About Us

At da Giulia, our goal is to first provide people with many different options to accommodate any food preference or taste – meat, vegetables, or pasta; creamy, savory or spicy daGiulia seeks to tickle your taste buds.

Our 5 flavors, while all tomato based, are unique and healthy and contain exclusively exceptional ingredients.  All products you can spell, pronounce, and feel good about putting in your body.

Why tomatoes: Tomatoes give any meal prepared with our sauces a running start to a nutritious meal.  Cooked tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods, one can consume.  High in vitamin C, fiber and iron, and most importantly lycopenes, cooked tomatoes are one of the definite super foods. Cooked tomatoes provide the highest concentration of lycopenes that one can consume – lycopenes are important because they are a strong antioxidant combating harsh cells in our body.

As times have changed in terms of nutritional whims and eating practices in the last 10 years, our simple, wholesome, great tasting recipes haven’t needed to. At Da Giulia, we continue to provide many cooking options with sauces that won’t always involve pasta.  And the importance of flavorful nutritional products has never wavered to us. Please take a moment to check out the quick and easy recipes on this site, along with nutritional value. 

Buon Apetito